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Portugese colonial house india

Around Bandra

I travelled to Mumbai on work in March and chose to stay in Bandra. For the unacquainted, Bandra is a trendy, cosmopolitan coastal  suburb in Mumbai and usually a convenient place to be based at. There...

birds, india, migratory, art, wall mural

Traditional, Muted Hues

Our work conveys tradition into living spaces with a seamless array of thought and emotion. Traditional art, textile and craft blend comfortably with the modern and rest easily with cross cultural influences in every home,...

vintage, trunk, natural, decor, exposed brick


Solitude: Some words tell stories without sentences. Like the crumbling mansion in the midst of high rise apartments; Lime plaster peeling, colours painted and re-painted to hide it's wrinkles. With the patio chairs so resolute in their standing, Moving them...

More from Lucknow

Wandering through Lucknow en route to Palaces and Imambaras with a client, art, masonry  & woodwork catch our attention. Their  fading resplendence against lush green foliage makes the walk one to remember .  We notice...

hallway, Indian interiors, limewash

Lucknow- fading splendour

Lucknow is dotted with grand homes  in varying states of disrepair. Fading beauties, once resplendent, they lie silently on the banks of the Gomti or stand lost in mazes of the old town. They’re usually...

living room pink walls

An Udaipur Consultancy

A former capital of the mighty Mewar kingdom, Udaipur today is synonymous with crowds of tourists thronging its palaces for a glimpse of the regality of yesteryears. Most famously, City Palace, in the midst of...


Written by Sugandha Das and Shivani Dogra The Chettiars, ousted from their lands due to a tsunami, chose a dry place to call home. A merchant community, they were  eager to build life in a...

Lessons in simplicity: Sohra

Quietly he lives, quietly he dies, Amidst the wilderness -The Green Grass, U Soso Tham WRITTEN BY SUGANDHA DAS AND SHIVANI DOGRA. Smaller places with slower paces seem to disappear into the rural fog that occupies them in India....

Tea & A Delhi Winter

In the Northern Indian plains, winter is the change we seek from the harsh winds of summer— the sultry breeze giving way to a frost-reminiscent lull in the air, the stark blue skies almost white from...