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Decorating with Dried Plants

Before Delhi lost many of it's older homes with gardens in the front and back to the 'modern' wall to wall structures of the contemporary builder who cemented fertile land, people grew fruits and vegetables...

Anasuya & Newley’s Home in Delhi

We're on Design Sponge! It’s  the perfect end to a project that's been nothing but wonderful from the start.Anasuya and Newley were fantastic clients and the house they moved into had SO much potential-- a...


It takes five hours to reach Ziro from Itanagar, the capital of Arunachal Pradesh. The calm, stillness of the valley after being shaken in a loud, reverberating diesel vehicle was particularly striking as we descended...

Monsoon Moodboard

Intermittent rain has brought down temperatures, and Delhi looks like it’s had a 'somewhat' good wash. With the dust of summer cleaned off  foliage, the greens looks brighter and more dense. So dense and so...


4 days to go until the monsoon arrives in Delhi. It's been a long summer and there's only so much air conditioning one can take. In anticipation of the first showers, we're putting together...

Summer Moodboard

Summer in Delhi is best escaped. If you can't get away though,  joy must be found where you are, which in our case is in the vicinity of the studio. Shades of  ochre, mustard, pink,...


Botanical Inspiration.

To find botanical inspiration in the chaos of an Indian metropolis can be a challenge but not impossible. It can also be surprisingly satisfying, as some discoveries are  unexpected. These 'discoveries', spotted sometimes in the...

First Steps

This was the space that started it all-- a rented studio apartment in New Delhi. With a budget of Rs 20,000, I  took it from a set of rooms that were just about inhabitable to...