Privacy Policy

SHIVANI DOGRA respects the privacy of your Personal Data. This Privacy Policy describes how we can collect and use information from site users. Please carefully read our Privacy Policy.


Cookies: The site ( stores small files, also known as cookies, on the user’s (User: any third party that accesses the Web Site and is not employed by SHIVANI DOGRA and acting in the course of their employment) computer. Cookies provide browser information about the user’s preferences regarding the site. Whenever the user visits the site, the site retrieves the relevant information and offers the user a better browsing experience. Other information they may include is the user’s IP address, device type, or browser. You can delete the cookies we have stored on your computer from your browser settings.


Collection and use of data: SHIVANI DOGRA will collect your name and email address for general client communication requirements and to communicate news, special offers, and service updates only. If you subscribe to our blog, your name and email address will be collected for distribution of our content only on a periodic basis. By completing our contact form, you grant us information such as your Name, Surname, and Email. The information you provide to contact us will be used for your best service. You can revoke your consent at any time. You can do this by sending us an email at [email protected]


SHIVANI DOGRA respects your privacy and will never sell, rent, or give your personal information to anyone, including any third-party social networking sites or to a web service such as Facebook or Twitter without your consent. This will only be done if the transfer to third parties serves to fulfill the purpose for which you have provided us with your personal data and will be limited to the companies we are cooperating with.


Storage time of personal data: Your personal data will remain stored until the purpose of providing it is completed. If you have given us your consent for recurring procedures (e.g., Newsletter), we will have the right to use them until you withdraw your consent.


Shivan Dogra has the right to modify / update this Policy without prior notice. We advise you to read the Privacy Policy before using our website so that you are aware of any modifications.