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The Poetry of the Eternal Present

The eternal present is a mystical moment when the temporal and the timeless intersect. The three pictures here,  bound together by stillness and muted tones, represent  the eternal present. They are moments of  contemplation of ...


In the vast palette of colours found across the Indian landscape few have been as unacknowledged as brown. From the warmth of terracotta and teak to the deep richness of rosewood  and Indian oak, brown's...

Haly Reads

  'Full ownership of a book only comes when you have made it a part of yourself, and the best way to make yourself a part of it—which comes to the same thing—is by writing in...


Silence, whether experienced with people or places, bears the inherent quality of intimacy. It offers one the space to create and communicate effectively without pretension. In a colonial bungalow we decorated in Southern India, we...

The Art of Observing

Cities and towns in India can be overwhelming. Distracting intrusions are everywhere--signages, horns and hawkers create cacophony amid a confusing medley of haphazard planing and architecture. In the midst of the chaos, however, there're often...

Tlieng’, shivani dogra, vernacular architecture, drywall, meghalaya, rustic indian decor,

The Quiet Life

'Quietly he lives, quietly he dies, Amidst the wilderness' -U Soso Tham There are few more evocative descriptions of the spirit of Khasi life in the Cherrapunji hills. Even today, with the threat of mass tourism and growing...

Eight Hues of Blue

Blue. We've used the colour often. In bedrooms, drawing rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. The shade has completely  dominated  some rooms, only touched a wall in others and sometimes lent it self even more...