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Making a Home in Gurgaon

  A home is more  than just a monetary asset. It has emotional meaning, it holds memories, which is why moving houses is often so difficult. Aside from the stress of packing and the disruption to...

A Pause

I travel to seek solace, to nurture my imagination and to explore stillness—everything that is overwhelmed by noise and fast-paced living. In the quietude of old cemeteries, in gardens and among  disintegrating monuments  I am able...

A Restoration

  In The Human Zoo, published in 1969, zoologist Desmond Morris  famously stated,  'The city is not a concrete jungle, it is a human zoo.' Humans, he argues, are tribal by nature and that the crowded,...


[caption id="attachment_27791" align="aligncenter" width="750"] A one bedroom house in the village with Hibiscus flowers on its doorstep[/caption] We  stopped by  a village at the foothills of Kodagu on a crystal clear October day. The houses here, ...

Bhagton ki Choti Haveli

  Bhagton Ki Haveli--This gracious haveli  is located in a narrow alley in the centre of Navalgarh town.   It is  comparatively smaller than the well known Poddar and Moraka havelis, but equally evocative. I took the...