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[caption id="attachment_27791" align="aligncenter" width="750"] A one bedroom house in the village with Hibiscus flowers on its doorstep[/caption] We  stopped by  a village at the foothills of Kodagu on a crystal clear October day. The houses here, ...

Bhagton ki Choti Haveli

  Bhagton Ki Haveli--This gracious haveli  is located in a narrow alley in the centre of Navalgarh town.   It is  comparatively smaller than the well known Poddar and Moraka havelis, but equally evocative. I took the...

Desert Greens

The grandeur and style of Shekawati's havelis have fascinated many. The words commending their beauty are profuse  and  yet more words in their praise on this blog entry would be unnecessary. Replacing words are pictures...

Dev Prayag Palette

  Every once in a while we get called for an interesting  project from a place off the beaten track. Devprayag, where I’d visited once before on work in the media,  is where work has called...