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Radha’s Paper Artistry

I was first introduced to Radha Pandey’s work by Jasleen, a client.  I was immediately taken with her art & began following her work,  recently attending an online workshop Radha conducted on the History of...


Restraint In the tones of silence wrapping themselves around the surge of waterfalls, In the minimalism of lime plaster and wood switch boxes Right above the elaborate sandalwood telephone, gilded in gold Do you see restraint? Or do you picture...

mottled wall, distressed wall, limewash, lime paint, india, delhi, rajasthan, vernacular design, natural decor, beautiful interiors

How to Create a Mottled Wall

  There’s something about a mottled wall. Mottles created with subtlety can give a wall depth— a depth that melds well with architecture of a certain kind. An early client once requested that we create for...

A Bangalore Office

Interior design in India, when not hastily copied from ideas of modernism, can remind us of an older India— one of unhurried days, where streets and  houses coexisted  in planned proportion; where pavements and less...

natural interior design, vernacular, beautiful interiors, indian interior design

Natural Decor

Natural décor brings to life, experiences—of walks in woods, of the songs of  birds at the break of dawn, of the gentle rustle of leaves in the wind and the sounds of rocks and stones...

Malkha, Hyderabad, Interior Design, Natural, Vernacular, Organic design, cotton furnishings


I  discovered  Malkha, at the Dastkaar Nature Bazaar, in Delhi years ago. Malkha, founded  by Uzramma,  is run and owned by primary producers who are spinners, weavers and  farmers. It aims to empower the small farmer...

The Elegance of Birds

Birds in India—visiting or endemic are elegant, majestic and come in poised hues of a plentiful variety. I have, on occasion, accompanied birders on their trips and become enthralled by the sheer beauty of birds...