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Wandering through Lucknow en route to Palaces and Imambaras with a client, art, masonry  & woodwork catch our attention. Their  fading resplendence against lush green foliage makes the walk one to remember .  We notice architectural and interior details pushing  against  layers  of paint and damage,  each detail  a  tribute to the work of countless, unnamed  workmen from an age of artisanry. Even unkempt corners  hide surprises in forms of exquisite botanical art, almost entirely hidden between  heavy frames  painted over with  yellow-gold paint. In the corner of  a less popular Imambara lie glass chandeliers exquisite in their fragile beauty.  There is much to be inspired by in Lucknow-  whether in experiencing architecture, visiting a Chikan or Zardosi workshop or even breaking the day  for Kebab’s and Biryani. It may  be chaotic and rapidly changing as most Indian cities are, but it takes just a little scratching at the surface to reveal the wonder that is truly is.

Places of inspiration featured here are : Sanatkada, Khaquan Manzil, Habibullah Estate

Places we would source from: Mita Das for Chikan,  Sanatkada for Chikan and Handicrafts







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