Tropical green! Influences from Sri Lanka

More Green inspiration– this time from Sri Lanka!

In October 2017, a long overdue visit to Sri Lanka became a reality as I decided that it was time to pay homage to the father of tropical modernism—Geoffrey Bawa; in particular, to see Lunaganga.  “Shirin yoku”—a beautiful Japanese term for forest bathing comes to mind when I recall  time spent there. The dense forests of this languid tropical island were a balm to city worn senses. Memories of it’s rich visual hues to the hitherto unknown fragrances of a variety of plants have remained long after the trip. The local milieu in Sri Lanka was nearly always influenced by natural surroundings, especially so in the vernacular architecture and interior aesthetic of Sri Lanka. I was witness to this at railway stations, cafes, boutiques and homes, as a  fusion of an exhausting assortment of palms, avocados, grapefruit and vistas covered in wild, untamed jungle spilled over into building style. Quite naturally, much of it was captured as references for work. Some had already been used in our past interior design work. And the spaces we’re creating currently are crafted with similar considerations— the deep azure of the sea in Bentota, the burnt ochres against the cool of towering greens in Kandy— strikingly intense colours abounding in the island— tend to find a way into into the plains of Delhi, Gwalior, Gurgaon or wherever work lies. Offices, hotels or homes we’re designing contain elements of design that have been shaped  by the untamed beauty of the tropics. These pictures of work coordinated with green- yellow hues from the island will lead you through a brief visual journey of languorous afternoons on the in Sri Lanka. I hope they move you to bring a sensation of comfort and serenity into your own home. Be inspired by the euphoria of the forest and when you cannot forest bathe, sit in your space surrounded by the colours of the forest and bring yourself a dose of serenity. Read our previous post tributing the colour here:



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