Comfort green– the colour of calm



Since antiquity, green, in its myriad hues found in the outdoors, has soothed, exhilarated, calmed and excited human senses. From zestier shades of  citrus green to more serious olives and soft fern inspired  tints– there’s a hue for every mood and a green for every season. In continuation with our series on the influences of green found here:  and here: , this post focuses on the more  tranquil shades of the spectrum found in the great outdoors.

It’s an unfortunate truth that most of us in cities lead lives of competition and seek numberless ways to calm the anxieties of such living. For a price, gadgets, apps, visits to a spa and a get away can bring the stress down a few notches, but not for long. A more cost effective way to remain at ease is to create a peaceful environment around you. From the many advocated stress busters, we consider adding a touch of  the colour green to your life, as possibly the simplest. Whether it’s  with plants, on the walls, on sofas and seating, in corners or cushions it never fails as an emollient.

Our favourite shade of this green is what we call  ‘comfort green’— or the colour of calm. It’s a spectrum  of soft, soothing and neutral hues of the colour, sometimes even morphing  into blue-grey and reminiscent of mountain mist enveloping long-standing oak and cedar trees.  It is SO  easy to introduce these hues from the outdoors  into your living or work spaces; a burst of it in fresh flowers whose succulent green stems are often underplayed, a splash of it painted on a door, maybe even covering an entire wall or in a dash of ‘comfort’ in the soft upholstery of your favourite chair or couch. This is, perhaps, the simplest way of bringing nature right into our homes and offices.

Although underplayed, a natural green evokes a sense of living left behind by us in the forests and fields that our ancestors called home. It is no wonder that most offices and homes in India today, add freshness to their interiors in different forms of the colour green—be it with organic shades of the colour in plants, bonsais or flowers or even through paint on the walls, windows, doors or furniture.

Do you wish to bring the outdoors into the interiors of your home or office? Then go ahead and buy those fresh flowers or plants of your choice from the neighbourhood nursery! Or, better still, decorate your space in hues of the mist-laced mountain trees, most easily attainable with the Dulux Shenandoah, Dulux Marian’s Meadow or Dulux Pale Sage ( used here in these rooms designed by us— shades that immediately remind one of the cool mountains and their tall-standing trees.



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