5 Ways to Create a Calm Home

Staying calm when all about you  is rushed  is a well practiced art. The very nature of   construction, design & decoration is anything but calm, particulraly if you have a tough client. And while there’s little that can be done to change a pressured situation, one can  learn to be calm in the midst of it.  Through years of work in interior design  I’ve learned ways  of  finding  peace within a storm. This  translates into design that is soothing, warm and at ease, even if a residence or office is situated  in the midst  of city bustle. Here are 5 simple ways  that will  help you create a calm home. These  pictures are from a residence decorated in New Delhi.

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1. Choose a soothing colour palette. Make colour  choices  for  your home  from the  softer tones on a paint fan deck.  Of course, there’s nothing more basic and calming than white,  like we’ve used here, but just about every colour  has it’s share of calm hues. Avoid jarring colour.

2.Use natural textures.  Natural textures can help  create a calm space with little effort, particularly in warm country such as India. Most clients approach us with the apprehension  that natural furnishings don’t last as long as synthetics, but cottons and linens can last a good while if well cared for. If you’re still not convinced, try a synthetic- natural mix.

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3.Declutter. If you’ve moved from a large home to a smaller one and can’t get rid of all your furniture, try organising the space  better or use fewer accessories.

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4.Maximise the use of natural light. Natural light makes a world of difference to creating a naturally calm home. Open windows when you can. Try and minimise grill work around doors and windows or opt for simple patterns and combine them with simpler styled windows.

5. Use fewer patterns. Go slow on pattern, particularly multiple patterns with colour if you’re considering  a calm space. We’ve chosen simple patterned or plain textiles here.

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