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No two mornings are the same, even here in the Himalayas where nothing seems to happen & where one day  merges seamlessly into another.  The day starts with a walk leading to explorations and forest discoveries  that are photographed or carried back home. Morning walks are inevitably inspirational, providing rich material for work through the  changing colours and contrasts  of the natural landscape and foliage,  the sounds of the forest and the pervading sense of calm. It is this essence of ease that we bring  to spaces in the city-- enveloped by the sound of the machine and set to the the pulse of frenzied development.
It is this essence of nature and  life in India's smaller places that grounds us, calms us and takes us back to our roots. The natural space has become our trademark with influences draw from the wealth of the sub-continent’s rich natural heritage to create rooms with materials drawn from the earth. A finished space is naturally soothing, vibrant, uplifting or carefully restrained in its elegant resplendence—all depending on the mood you wish to create in a home.
In the vignettes from the  rooms pictured here, we restored the interiors of  spaces and refurbished older furniture,  giving them  tones of earthiness with the use of traditional lime wash, 'french polish',  and hand cut stone. Unlike synthetic paints, polished, laminates, whose components of solvents and additives can trigger allergies, irritations and other problems, traditional materials are environmentally friendly and  clean sources that allow one to breathe. Even more, they're entirely biodegradable leading to a smaller carbon footprint. Each interior here is juxtaposed alongside the landscape that inspired it-- either for colour or the sense of calm.
We bring the natural back into the city-- into living, dining, bed and bathrooms  allowing the refreshing simplicity of nature to take over.

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