An Udaipur Consultancy

A former capital of the mighty Mewar kingdom, Udaipur today is synonymous with crowds of tourists thronging its palaces for a glimpse of the regality of yesteryears. Most famously, City Palace, in the midst of a vast lake Pichola, is the centrepiece of Rajasthani design and art— resplendent in its peacock mosaics.

Shimmering lakes, the colour and bustle of ancient markets, hidden alleyways and the endless mosaic of marble stone in its palaces mark the heart of Udaipur. Temples and havelis interspersed within the forested ridge of the Aravalis and stunning countryside make a visit to this city, an experience in the India of yore. It is very much a Daniel brothers’ painting—complete with old temples, riversides with women dressed in bright colours that add mysticism to the dryness of the desert and ageing banyan trees. Udaipur’s tradition, seeping into its architecture, landscapes and people soaks through contemporary design too.

It is  here that we’re doing  an interior design consultancy for a charming homestay located on the outskirts of  the city.  This 8 bedroom homestay is set among green & surrounded by fields growing Coriander, Wheat, Gooseberry and Guava.  Built as a private residence,  it’s since expanded to accommodate travellers visiting Udaipur. Charm it had aplenty and we only needed to change the older interior design to keep up. We started with colour.

The existing white walls were repainted with hues captured on  explorations in and around the city.  A dull grey-green was  inspired by the Fatehsagar lake on a cloudy  morning, a brighter green borrowed from the City Palace, salmon and pinks taken from a home down the road. For the furniture we used the clients older furniture, refurbishing or making only a few pieces in Delhi. We’re  also helping the client with  art, lights, objets d’art and furnishings.

The end result of a  consultancy can at times be quite different from the submitted  plan, as  the designer’s role is only as an advisor.  This can sometimes be an advantage, as there are moments after the submission of plans  and  even at the tail end of a project, when one suddenly finds objects that could add to the space’s interest.  A last minute discovery on this project of some unused fabric and  quilts  in the store contributed to more layering. As did  the sighting  of  some neglected furniture and objects that were brought out into the open on the last day of my visit.

These are some pictures of the work completed so far- a verandah, an entryway and two living spaces. A picture without the Ollie and Ryder the energy charged Dachshunds, would’ve been inconsistent with  the space’s ethos. They were everywhere, adding life and loveliness to the place. Whether lounging on the sofas in the afternoon  or getting in everyone’s way,  they contribute much mirth & warmth  to this homestay, making it  the welcoming space it is and a consultancy to remember.

Ollie takes an afternoon nap in the living room.

The entryway combines some of the client’s older furniture with new art

Work in progress–  getting the walls fixed & choosing fabric

In the guest lounge- Ryder the Dachshund who made work lighter

The verandah all ready for chai and reading.

Painting around art in the verandah & styling  in the  living room



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