Traditional, Muted Hues

Our work conveys tradition into living spaces with a seamless array of thought and emotion. Traditional art, textile and craft blend comfortably with the modern and rest easily with cross cultural influences in every home, office or hotel we’ve designed.  To me, tradition  is a deep sense of pride, story-telling and history that becomes part of  well-thought design, even in the modern space. There is an inherent authenticity of self-identity in using traditional hues, votives, furniture and styles—an identity that is original, elegant and most artistically, sentimental. Most often, traditional Indian hues  bring to mind bright, colour seeped imagery.  And while much of India is colourful, there are  are an equal array of muted colours around.

They’ve been on my mind lately-  warm  tones of coffee & cream,  tender  green  and the soft translucent hues of  mist filled mornings.  On days when life is as busy as it now with everyday  visits  to sites, the workshop and vendors,  I find myself naturally inclined to quieter tones, unconsciously seeking them on meanderings through the market or hunting for  them online when in office.  Here’s a quick put together of what I’ve been ‘collecting’ recently alongside  some of our work.

Words- Sugandha Das and Shivani Dogra

Images- Shivani Dogra and Divya Gupta

Image 4, left from

wicker chair, rustic, terrazzo

Creating in office


warli, tribal art, cane, teak, dining room, living room, home

Studio designed for a young expatriate in the social justice field, New Delhi


living room, natural decor, traditional decor, home

Left- Living room corner designed with muted tones for a family in New Delhi Right- Scene on the outskirts of Delhi


Indian art, Mughal, rustic, natural decor, India design,

Left- Image saved from The British Library during research for a project. Right- Mid way during work at a site in Meghalaya


bedroom decor, traditional decor, Indian art, Natural Decor, Bed

Left- Bedroom Corner designed for an older couple in New Delhi. Right- Crafting in office


Naula, Uttrakhand art, India, Traditional decor, Natural Decor, Shivani Dogra

Left- Discovered in the thicket around a traditional water storage tank in Uttarakhand. Right- Living room corner decorated for a family in New Delhi


forest, natural decor, traditional decor, Indian design, kansa, tea glasses

Left- Walking up steps lined with moss while at site in Meghalaya.  Right- Crafting at site


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