A word mostly used in paradoxical rarity or abundance—depth is the hallmark of elegant simplicity. Although, linguistically defined as a quality of intensity or extremity, depth can be found in the elaborate glass stained windows of Chettinad’s mansions and equally in the monotone greying shades of Cherra stone.

It surprises one sometimes, when you feel more than see ‘depth’—in the twine rolled coriander bundles at the vegetable hawker’s stand; or in the copies of Monet’s chrysanthemums at the local art gallery. In the poems of Tagore or in the old classic rock song of your graduation party. Depth is a feeling, a sensation of knowing there is more to the story than the short tale at hand. It creeps upon us, almost unseen, withheld until we let go and embrace it.

Words: Sugandha Das

Photos: Shivani Dogra


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