Discovering Beauty by the Roadside in Rajasthan

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Natural interior design has an elegance of remembrance; an almost forlorn, ageing beauty that stands out even in the starkest environments.

Driving along a highway, when glass-clad and neon-lit buildings whizz past, we often find ourselves peering back at the gently fading, moss-laden stone structures still standing with unassuming beauty amidst their new, modern neighbours.  Like this dilapidated building featured here, a Sanskrit college, spotted on a byway in Rajasthan— it’s natural interior design immediately soothing and  calming the senses. Multi-shaded and well balanced, the building’s blue and green walls complimented elegant, handmade tiles, cool marble flooring and a natural,  pale-yellow lime-washed exterior. Although mistreated, it’s lime painted walls offer a cool respite from the heavy monsoon air outside and its bright colours uplift one from the weariness of road travel. To find an almost decrepit building still capable of both calming and uplifting the senses is worthy of notice. One’s attention was naturally drawn to to its  artistic detail and easy elegance– the  key to this building’s well done interior design.

Sometimes, it is elegant simplicity that drives functionality and beauty. And sometimes, it is  attention to artistic detail that makes one’s heart fill with gratitude for heritage and tradition.

Words: Sugandha Das and Shivani Dogra
Images: Shivani Dogra
natural, interior design, india, lime wash, colour india, natural, interior design, india, lime wash, colour india,

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