I  discovered  Malkha, at the Dastkaar Nature Bazaar, in Delhi years ago. Malkha, founded  by Uzramma,  is run and owned by primary producers who are spinners, weavers and  farmers. It aims to empower the small farmer and  its fabrics are handwoven from cotton grown only by  local farmers.

My first purchase was a  kurta, bought for field work during a previous career in the media. It was one of the most comfortable  pieces of clothing I owned then– perfect for the  hot weather  places I had been frequenting. The imperfection of the cotton and  the soft, naturally dyed colours were especially gratifying. I liked experiencing the sense of relief while putting on this breathable garment on a searing summer day.  It is the kind of release one experiences  only in the peak of summer when in first contact with something cool,  like a sip from a cold glass of Rooh Afza or  catching a waft of sandalwood from a clothing sachet in the cool depths of a wardrobe.

It was serendipitous then, when I discovered that a lovely home  near a client’s house was also the Malkha store in Hyderabad. Everything about this peaceful, unpretentiously stylish  home store is a reflection of its ethos.  The modest, one storey structure was a pleasant break from the sultry heat and new, wall to wall , ‘developer style’ constructions outside. I was happy to see that they also stock thicker fabrics for interior furnishings.  These are  some pictures I managed to get in the limited time I had, the others are up on Instagram. Be sure to check out Malkha the next time you’re in Hyderabad, or preview their online store here.


Malkha, Hyderabad, Interior Design, Natural, Vernacular, Organic design, cotton furnishings

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